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Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus reign of Eurasia. Located  at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the southwest by Turkey, to Southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a territory of 69.700 km² and its population is almost 4.7 million.
Name of Country: Republic of Georgia (Sak'art'velo);
Capital: Tbilisi, Population: 1,225,000
Political System: Democratic republic. The head of the state is the President.
Legislature: Parliament.
State Language: Georgian
Religion: Orthodox Christianity

Largest cities: Kutaisi, Batumi, Zugdidi, Rustavi
Religion: Christian majority, mainly Georgian Orthodox Church. Also Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and other.

Time: UTC/GMT + 4 hours. No daylight saving time

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. European-type, two-pin plugs are used.

Mobile telephone: GSM 900 and 1800. Main operators include Geocell www.geocell.com.ge,
Magti www.magtigsm.com and Beeline www.beeline.ge

Dialing codes:
International country code: + 995  (Georgia);
Police (+995 32) 022
Fire Brigade (+995 32) 01, 011 (+995 32) 75 20 88/85 (+995 32) 41 17 73
Information Centre (+995 32) 08 (+995 32) 09
Airport Hotline (+995 32) 43 31 41
Railway Station (+995 32) 56 62 53 (+995 32) 56 47 60
Emergency (+995 32) 033
Tbilisi Tourism Information Centre (+995 32) 43 67 67
Information Center
Tel: 832209

Visa Requirements A passport valid for at least 6 months is required for visitors of all nationalities.

There is no visa requirement for: Nationals of Israel, Japan, Canada, United States of America and members of European Union countries. For CIS nationals except of the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan do not require a visa. All these nationals are allowed to stay for 90 days.


Public holidays

1-2 January New Year's Day
7 January Orthodox Christmas
19 January Orthodox Epiphany
3 March Mother's Day
8 March International Women's Day
4 April Easter
9 April Georgia's Independence Restoration Day; Commemoration Day of the Deceased
9 May Victory Day
12 May St. Andrew's Day
26 May Independence Day
28 August Virgin's Assumption
14 October Mtskhetoba
23 November St. George's Day

23 - St. George's Day.
Currency: Georgian national currency is Lari; It is divided into 100 tetri.
"Lari"- the name chosen for the basic monetary unit of Georgian national currency is an old Georgian word denoting a hoard, property. And "tetri"- the name of 1/100 part of Lari - is an old Georgian monetary term used from the 13th c.
Georgian banknotes are denominated in units of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lari, and coins are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 tetri.
All payments are made in Lari on the territory of Georgia.
Currency exchange: US Dollars, Euros or Rubles can be exchanged at banks and special exchange shops, while other currencies must be exchanged in banks.