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click here and choose your flight(Do not buy tickets from web site)

You can simply fill in this order for purchase of the air ticket and our manager will pick up the best offer for you.More and more frequent travelers are booking their airfares online, but it pays to shop around and know some tricks to finding the best deals. Your best approach will likely depend on how flexible your travel plans are, but regardless of your situation, there are a variety of ways to save money.

I know my travel plans well in advance.

My travel dates are set — and soon

Help! I want to get out of town now! What are my options?I know my travel plans well in advance.

You're in a good position to get a great fare. Here are tactics to help you do it:

Purchase early— Airlines tend to offer the lowest prices on 21-day advance tickets. However, advance purchase fares can often be secured in as little as 14 or 7 days ahead of your departure date. If you wait until fewer than 7 days, you're unlikely to find a good deal.

Not too early — If you are trying to book months in advance and you can't find the fare you want, be patient. Airfares fluctuate, and a lower fare may come up at a later date. Keep a lookout for announced airfare sales. Of course, fares may go up. Your best defense is to compare fares to get an idea of an average price for your desired trip and check several sites over a period of time to see what's happening with rates. Then you'll recognize a good deal when you see it.

Compare fares— Search multiple travel sites for deals. You can speed this process with a comparison-shopping engine, which allows you to sample several airline and agency sites simultaneously.               

How do you save money when you book plane tickets online? E-mail us at info@geotour.ge